Mandarin – English playgroup.

We offer adult accompanied classes that immerses your baby in a bilingual environment. Playrooms are specially curated to create a safe and stimulating environment so that you will have a peace of mind knowing your child can develop and grow holistically.

“只要你要, 只要我有”

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Activities harness Potential

Activities that happens now in our Playgroup here.

Music Class

Music increases babies sensory experience. Through rhythm and lyrics, babies develop their motor skills, cognitive strength and build their literacy foundation.
A wonderful mood lifter for both you and the baby.

Arts & Crafts

Strengthen babies spatial awareness- the ability to see depth. Hone their language skills as they articulate through the process. Allowing your babies to express their individuality through their creative process. No two artworks is identical, babies should not be either.


Nurture your baby’s imagination.
Dramatic play allows your babies’ imagination to fly free as they explore new words, solve problems and even working together.

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